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Frequently Asked Questions

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Working Together

Yes. We prioritize confidentiality and gladly offer our standard NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to safeguard your intellectual property.

No. Long-term collaboration is our goal, serving as your technology partner rather than your investor.

Unfortunately, not at this time.

We love to collaborate from your earliest stage, assisting with architecture and ideation.

For new projects, we recommend preparing a business plan that includes initial research and understanding of the monetization strategy, cost structure, and overall objectives.

Project Logistics

You'll be assigned a dedicated account representative that is available to you via call, text, or email. For any virtual meetings, we'll share a Google Meet with you.

The scope of the project will determine the flexibility of your involvement. Your participation is essential throughout the initial ideation, engineering and design stages. However, if you would prefer, we can switch to routine check-ins once we have the proper instruction from you.

About Differnt Systems

Not at all! We're the same company, run by the same people, just with a new name that better reflects who we are and what we do.

Absolutely! For software-related projects, our industry-leading six month warranty ensures a bug-free experience. For hardware-related projects, we offer tailored warranties and extended support.

Pricing & Payments

As each project is unique, pricing will vary significantly. However, feel free to request a no-obligation quote! Your quote will be valid for 30 days.

We accept all major debit/credit cards, wire/ACH transfers, and checks.

Currently, there are no additional fees for credit/debit card payments.

Software-related Projects: 50% payment at project initiation and the remaining 50% upon completion.

Hardware-related Projects: Full payment due 30 days upon invoicing.

We offer a range of payment plans and financing partners tailored to the size and scope of each project.